Directions and Tour Prices

Our office, training line and parking are located at the Canyon Springs Golf Course. The golf course is located on the south side of the Snake River, at the bottom of the Snake River Canyon. The office is on the north side of the building, with easy access from the lower parking lot. The “Zip the Snake” course is located along the eastern side of the golf course.  Transportation from the training area to the zip line course and back is provided.




Summer Rates

  • $60.00– Per Person plus 6% sales tax

  • $50.00 – Children 12 & Under plus 6% sales tax

  • Groups of 6-9 members are 6% off

  • Groups of 10-15 members are 15%

  • Larger Groups: Call in for a discount of 20% or more.
  • (Summer Only)5% Discount to Military and their family

  • (Summer Only)5% Discount for AAA Members

 Call for reservations and group rates.

 Gift certificates are available.



  • The tour will take between 1 hour  and 2 hours, depending on the number of participants in the group. You will be riding 4 zip lines.

  • Wear good shoes!  You will be hiking about 1/4 mile total and climbing mild grades between the lines.

  • Your tour starts at the Zip Line Office on the lower level of the Canyon Springs Golf Course clubhouse. You will meet your guides who will lead your group through the training and then zipping the lines on the course.

  • On the patio outside our office your guides will show you how to ride the zip-line safely and ensure you are comfortable with the gear and harness.

  • We provide transport along side the Snake River up to the first of the zip lines and back to the club house after the last line.

  • Guides will share information about the history, geology, and wildlife in the Snake River Plain and Idaho as the group travels between the lines.



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